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Google’s Unintegrated Blogging Tools

Posted by rbpasker on August 8, 2007

So, I’m trying to use Google Reader, Google Docs, and Blogger to read, write, and publish blogs. Unfortunately, these three systems are not well integrated.

When I’m reading an article in Reader that I want to comment on, I would like to be able to go directly into Docs with the referred article blockquoted, and have my completed post go right into my own blog.

What is currently stopping my from doing this is that Reader doesn’t have a blogging interface. It allows me to share and email a blog entry, but not blog about it.

I have the Blog This! scriptlet installed, but in order to use it from Reader, I first have to click on the article’s title to open the entry in a new window, and even then Blog This! only takes me into a pop-up, not into Docs. Also, when I’m in the Blogger post manager screen, clicking “edit” on a draft blog takes me into the crappy little Blogger editor, not into Docs.

What the Google folks need to do is pay attention to the blogger’s workflow in order to construct a seamless experience for their blogging platform.

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