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The Lower West Side

Posted by rbpasker on October 17, 2007

Curbed finally printed my letter. Its the middle article.

HUDSON SQUARE—While our neighborhood name poll rages a wee bit south, a Hudson Squarite wants to reclaim the retired LWS tag: “We live near Greenwich and Spring Streets, in the area west of Soho, south of the West Village, and north of TriBeCa, which you guys are calling ‘Hudson Square.’ The problem with that name is that it seems totally artificial. Nobody knows where it is, and why name an entire neighborhood after a tiny little park that no one visits? Other suggestions have been: West Soho and West of Varick (WeVar). My suggestion — which, because it seems obvious in hindsight, has to stick — is “Lower West Side.” isn’t the symmetry with UWS, UES, and LES beautiful? And geographically and descriptively, it fits perfectly.” We’re church-going boys, so if Trinity tell us it’s Hudson Square, it’s Hudson Square. [CurbedWire Inbox]

Some of the responses on the Curbed blog are delish! Nobody seems to like Hudson Square.

Question is, who the hell is this Trinity person?

Curbed: CurbedWire: Blaichman Targets West Village, Lower West Side Plea, I Hate Glass

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