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Oracle (ORCL) to Acquire BEA Systems (BEAS)

Posted by rbpasker on January 16, 2008

While the west coast sleeps, the east coast filled my inbox this morning with the news.

I have two initial reactions:

1. I hope the WebLogic brand survives, rather than being folded into Fusion. “WebLogic” has always been well recognized as an excellent product and a pioneering product in the application server space , and “BEA” has little cachet, unless your name starts with B, E, or A.

2. Arrogance is as arrogance does. Carl Icahn, well done.

Much has happened in 12.5 years since we started WebLogic, Inc. and in the 9 years since WebLogic was acquired by BEA Systems, and I need to think more about what I want to say.

One Response to “Oracle (ORCL) to Acquire BEA Systems (BEAS)”

  1. Napoleon said

    … or if your name is Bea Arthur!

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