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Fountain: a fully-featured “Google App Engine”

Posted by rbpasker on April 8, 2008

A month ago, I put together the following slides for a new service, which I called “Fountain.” It has similarities to Google App Engine in that it is a scalable, hosted system for running back-end apps, but Fountain has a number of unique features, which perhaps we’ll eventually see in GAE.

Among these additional features are:

  • support for languages beyond Python, including server-side Javascript using Rhino (which we first saw circa 1995 in Netscape SuiteSpot), PHP, and Ruby.
  • A Business Management Workbench, for monetizing the apps. I am keeping this under wraps, as I may still choose to develop it.
  • Social Networking support, which includes all the libraries necessary to write social networking and widget apps, such as for OpenSocial, Facebook, PageFlakes, NetVibes, iGoogle, etc.
  • a community, so that people can share code and pre-built libraries with others. One could argue that Google Code provides this functionality, but it is not yet tightly integrated.

So, here are the slides. Feedback is appreciated.

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