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Cameron Purdy blogs about WebLogic under Oracle’s Aegis

Posted by rbpasker on March 28, 2009

I don’t often blockquote other people’s articles, but I couldn’t resist this time.

Coherence March 2009 Update

A week ago Oracle massively exceeded expectations, completely crushing the hopes of the doomsday crowd. Part of those results stems from the growth in Fusion Middleware, which includes BEA WebLogic. This past quarter I saw a big jump in the number of accounts switching from WebSphere back to WebLogic on the high end, and (quite surprisingly, considering the economic climate) from JBoss to WebLogic. I could mark it up solely to a great sales organization, but there are some really interesting things at work that have made a huge difference in the ability to win business with WebLogic:

WebLogic is getting a higher level of technology investment as part of Oracle than it has seen in a long time, and those investments are starting to pay real rewards for our customers.
We showed a plan for WebLogic and the other BEA products. We have been steadily delivering on the plan. Customers appreciate the “ability to execute” combined with actual execution.
Several of the technologies in the Fusion Middleware stack just can’t be found elsewhere. Start with jRockit, the real-time JVM that dominates all of the performance records (see here, here, here and here for example.) Add reliable cross-platform, multi-portal session clustering with single sign-on support via Coherence*Web, and the ability to globally load-balance a single application across multiple data centers. Top it off with end-to-end operational monitoring. Wow!

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