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Consumer Seed Funding is the new Black

Posted by rbpasker on October 13, 2010

Most of us who work in the technology business don’t have to read GigaOM to know that seed and angel funding is very much in vogue.

But what is less obvious, but borne out by a report from CB Insights, is that most of the seed funding is in Internet startups, like social media, content, ecommerce, and applications (both consumer and enterprise).

This shouldn’t be much of a surprise because most angel investors concentrate on consumer internet startups.

But where does an entrepreneur look for angel funding for storage and data management, security, networking, high-performance computing, cloud computing, grid computing, parallel processing, transaction processing and application servers, messaging and event processing, mobile infrastructure, security, etc?

How is your angel investor going add value if he doesn’t completely understand the product or the market?

Or if he doesn’t have the right relationships at Citrix, Oracle, SAP, Intel, IBM, BMC, Cisco, RedHat, VMWare, etc.?

That’s why you need someone like me, who has the technical chops, the operational experience, the rolodex, and the alpha-geek mentality to help you get your core technology or infrastructure startup to the next step.

Write: seed –at– “my last name” –dot– net

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