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About Me

I’m a über-geek now investing in and advising startups. I also have an technology strategy consultancy for medium to large companies.

I focus on companies whose products are in core technology, infrastructure, enterprise, and data center, which includes storage, networking, processing, high-performance computing, cloud computing, grid computing, parallel processing, virtualization, data management, transaction processing and application servers, messaging, complex event processing, devops/management, mobile, security, etc.

I would love to talk with you about your startup, but please note that your product should fall into (or be pretty close to) one of the categories in the previous paragraph.

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I am or have been an investor in or an advisor to:

Cloud Computing

  1. AppFog (formerly PhPFog, acquired by Century Tel)
  2. Azul Systems (makers of Zing JVM)
  3. Cask (formerly Continuuity)
  4. Sentient.AI (was Genetic Finance)
  5. Nutanix
  6. Terracotta (acquired by Software AG)
  7. Tervela
  8. Tutum (Techstars NY ’14; acquired by Docker)
  9. vCider (acquired by Cisco)
  10. Pani Networks (stealth)


  2. Chairish
  3. Musicsoft Arts (makers of DJ Mixer)
  5. (acquired by Intuit)
  6. Rixty (acquired by MOL)
  7. Stack Overflow
  8. Veri/Memoir

B2B/Enterprise Apps

  1. Crowdtwist
  2. Dispatch (acquired by
  3. (acquired by
  4. IrisVR (Techstars NYC ’15)
  5. Jive Software (NASDAQ:JIVE)
  6. MedCommons
  7. Kii (was db4o)
  8. LocalVox/Nearsay (acquired by Yellow Pages’s parent)
  9. (Techstars NY ’14)
  10. OneTrueFan (Acquired by BigDoor)
  11. Tealeaf (Acquired by IBM)


  1. Mocana
  2. Signal Sciences


  1. Data Dog
  2. NodeJitsu
  3. Koding
  4. Mashape


Here’s my publishable bio:

Bob Pasker has been building successful technology companies and products for over 25 years. His deep understanding of the software, hardware, and networking industries has led him to design and develop numerous innovative, award winning products, most notably WebLogic, where he was a cofounder, as well as the principal developer and chief architect of the WebLogic Application Server.

At Kenamea, Bob was a pioneer in the real-time web and AJAX space when, in 1999, he developed one of the first internet pub/sub and Rich Internet Application systems. At Tribe Computer Works, he led the team which developed the first embedded web-based device management system.

Bob has also held technology leadership positions at Azul Systems, BEA Systems (Now Oracle), and Digital Equipment.

As a technology advisor, he consults with hardware and software start-ups to develop and implement long-term business strategies and provides direction on product development, fund raising, sales and marketing, and business development.

Bob has been an active angel investor for over 14 years and is a Mentor for Techstars NYC (and a top-10 mentor for 2014).

He also served as the CTO-in-Residence and Venture Advisor at Azure Capital Partners from 2006-2010, and as CTO-in-Residence at Accel Partners in 2012.

Bob graduated magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from San Francisco State University and holds a Masters degree from Brown University.

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